Corrective pruning is necessary when your trees or shrubs grow misshapen and have overgrown limbs that overhang your property's structures. Neglecting this can lead to property damage or even worse, cause injuries. It is a preventative measure to keep your trees healthy and looking great. Additionally, corrective pruning can enhance the appearance of your trees and increase their curb appeal. At Oakes Tree Service, we take pride in providing corrective pruning services that give your trees and shrubs a safe and healthy appearance.

What are the benefits of corrective pruning?

Corrective pruning offers several benefits to homeowners, including creating a safer environment for adults and children walking or playing on the property, enhancing the growth of your trees, and increasing their overall health. Corrective pruning also extends the life expectancy of your trees and provides a natural way of shedding dead branches that may pose a risk to your property. Our experienced professionals can identify the best approach to address your shrub or tree's specific needs.


Why choose Oakes Tree Services?

Oakes Tree Service is a professional and experienced team with extensive knowledge of tree types and their care requirements. We are fully licensed and insured, and we take priding in doing our job thoroughly. Our team takes the time to educate our clients on the proper care of trees, and we employ the latest industry best practices to carry out all our services.

What to expect during corrective pruning?

During the correct pruning process, our team will remove any deteriorating parts of the tree, trim overgrown limbs, and shape the tree to allow maximum growth. We ensure that the final look of the tree or shrub is in harmony with the surrounding landscape and meets your needs. Our team will also clean up after the job is complete, making sure your property is neat and tidy and that it is safe to access again.

Corrective pruning is essential to keep trees and shrubs healthy and safe. At Oakes Tree Service in Brockport, NY, we have a team of professionals who carry out corrective pruning correctly, taking excellent care in everything we do. Our work speaks for itself, and we take pride in ensuring your greenery looks its best while enhancing your property's overall appeal. Give us a call today!


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