Absolutely! At Oakes Tree Service, we take pride in being a fully licensed and insured tree service company. Our licensing ensures that we meet the industry standards for quality and safety, while our comprehensive insurance coverage protects both our clients and our team. This means that when you hire us for your tree care needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're working with professionals who are not only skilled but also responsible and compliant with all regulatory requirements. Your property and our workers are protected in the unlikely event of any accidents or damage, ensuring a worry-free service experience for you.

The cost of tree services can vary greatly depending on several factors. These include the type of service you need (such as pruning, removal, or emergency services), the size and location of the tree, the tree's condition, and any specific challenges it may present, like proximity to buildings or power lines. To give you an accurate estimate, we prefer to conduct an on-site assessment of the tree in question. This allows us to understand the scope of work required and provide you with a fair and transparent quote. We strive to offer competitive pricing while ensuring the highest quality of work and safety standards. Please contact Oakes Tree Service for a no-obligation quote tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, Oakes Tree Service offers comprehensive 24-hour emergency tree removal services. We understand that storms and unexpected events can occur at any time, leading to downed trees that may pose risks to your property, safety, and accessibility. Our team is equipped and ready to respond promptly to your emergency needs, ensuring the swift and safe removal of trees to mitigate damage and restore safety to your property. Call us at 585-637-8733 to learn more. Whether it's day or night, you can count on us to be there when you need us most.

To get a quote for Oakes Tree Service, you can call us at 585-637-8733 or fill out our secure contact form on our website. Please provide details about the tree services you need, such as tree removal, pruning, or emergency services, and we may schedule an on-site assessment to give you an accurate quote. It's helpful to mention the size and type of trees, and any specific concerns or requirements you have, to ensure the quote is as precise as possible.

To prepare your property for Oakes Tree Service's visit, ensure clear access to the area where the service is needed. Remove any obstacles that might hinder our workers' ability to safely and efficiently perform their tasks. It's also helpful to secure pets and provide any specific instructions or concerns you have about the service or your property to the team ahead of our arrival. This preparation helps the service go smoothly and ensures the safety of both the workers and your property.

Look for signs such as overgrown branches encroaching on structures or obstructing views, dead or decaying limbs, or branches crossing and rubbing against each other. Additionally, if you notice diseased or pest-infested areas, it's best to trim those branches promptly. Contact Oakes Tree Service for a consultation and professional help.

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We offer 24-hour emergency service as well so contact us now for your free no-obligation estimate!

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