Having Ash Trees in your yard is a beautiful addition to your property. However, they do require special care and attention to maintain. Among various tree issues, one of the most damaging and deadly ones is the Emerald Ash Borer. This invasive species can cause significant damage to ash trees, and the best way to protect your yard is to remove ash trees infested with the pest. With Oakes Tree Services, you can keep your yard safe from this pest and others.

Understanding Emerald Ash Borers

Emerald ash borers are destructive pests that infest ash trees. Adult borer beetles lay their eggs on the bark of the trees, and when hatched, the larvae feed on the inner bark, leading to the tree's death. The pest has significantly damaged the ash tree population and spread across different parts of the United States. As the pests spread fast, it is essential to detect the infestation early and remove the infested trees to prevent further transmission.

Why You Need Ash Tree Removal Services

Removing an ash tree is not an easy job, especially when the tree is hulking and poses a risk of falling. Even more difficult is removing an ash tree infested with Emerald Ash Borer. The wood becomes brittle and weak, making it challenging to remove without the proper equipment and expertise. Seeking professional ash tree removal services from Oakes Tree Services is the best step to take. Our team consists of qualified experts who can detect the infestation and safely remove the tree while observing the safety of everyone on the property.

How Ash Tree Removal is Done

Our professional team uses the latest tools and equipment for ash tree removal. Our team can skillfully remove the tree, including the trunk, root system, and stump. We also use mulching or chipping to dispose of the debris, and finally, we close the opening with fill sand or soil. We ensure that your yard looks beautiful, and no traces of the tree remain. Our team leaves the site safe and neat, with no damage to other plants and structures.

Professional Services at Oakes Tree Services

At Oakes Tree Services, we have professional and experienced staff who know their way around ash trees. We offer consultancy services to assess your trees' condition and provide a recommendation, including removal if necessary. With us, you're assured of quality service that meets your every need.

Get the Best Ash Tree Removal Services from Oakes Tree Services

Ash tree removal is a delicate process that requires professional attention. We offer efficient and affordable services to help you handle any tree-related problem you have. Whether you want to clear some deadwood or remove an ash tree infested with emerald ash borer, we're here for you. Don't wait for the pest infestation to get out of hand. Contact us today for the best ash tree removal services in town. Call us at 585-637-8733 or send an email through our contact page. We’re located in Brockport, NY and proudly serve homeowners throughout the Greater Rochester Area.